Mrs. Glee's Gluten-Free Foods

Customer Testimonials

Helen Morris, Communications, Fox Valley Celiacs, "I just finished making a loaf of bread in my bread machine using your flour blend and it turned out beautifully. This time I added 1/4 cup sweet rice flour in addition to 3 cups of your bean flour."

Julie Becker, North Dakota Celiacs Chapter # 30; July August Newsletter, "I have found Navy Bean flour again and am enclosing the information sheet from Mrs. Glee's.  I like to add it to my bread recipe for less crumbly product and more fiber."

Francine Luzak, Northern Kentucky Celiac Group, "Hi Jim, Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to you. Been busy    with Christmas and such. I tried the flour and it was great. I made “pound cake cookies” from a regular recipe. This was not a GF recipe so I was anxious to see how the flour preformed. Was cup for cup to the recipe and I think the cookies turned out great. I am going to try a homemade recipe for a pumpkin roll cake I have to see how it does with a cake recipe."

Jennifer Brancheau, Lachine, MI, "I just bought my fourth 10-lb. bag of Mrs. Glee's Performance Blend in the last six months. I used the performance blend in all my baked goods and just love the pizza that I'm able to make with Mrs. Glee's flour."
Bernie Coley, Educational Facilitator for Fox Valley Celiacs, Wisconsin, and retired Culinary Arts Teacher (Food Science) from Fox Valley Technical College, (30 years of teaching). "Jim, I have bought the large bag of your flour at Festival. I certainly hope that it is popular enough to keep it going. I like it very much!!!"

Stacy Carroll, Lewiston, Michigan, "Tried some cookies make there, they were really good highly recommended."

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