Mrs. Glee's Gluten-Free Foods


Who Is Mrs. Glee?


Who is Mrs. Glee?  We've all had the mother, relative or the lady down the street or road that was a wonderful baker.  As kids, we always welcomed the opportunity to taste some great, fresh baked goods from that person as the baked goods were comfort food that made your mouth water and feel good. 


Following that great tradition, Mrs. Glee's Foods is based on the premise of offering those same great tastes, freshness and comfort as we enjoyed before.  Flavor, nutrition and ease of use are the three cornerstones of Mrs. Glee's foods.  Mrs. Glee's Gluten-Free foods uses a unique milling process to convert the whole, highly nutritious bean into a nourishing, and tasty ingredient that is the basis for our foods.  Mrs. Glee's Enriched Foods are nutritious containing more fiber and protein per serving.  All of Mrs. Glee's products are fortified with thiamine, iron, Vitamins B2 and B3 and folic acid to increase the nutritional profile.  Because the Whole Bean is used, the mouth-feel will be a bit different as it is with whole grain foods.  But, by most accounts and testimonials it’s not a negative “feel”, just different.


How does Mrs. Glee's foods taste? While developing the Mrs. Glee's products, the products were provided to many non-celiacs who were not even aware that they were eating gluten-free baked goods or pasta. 

Try some today!